New Opportunities



“My name is Mohamed Jabari. My family – my wife and my three boys – left Iraq in 2005 and ran away to Syria. In Syria we sat for four years. When we were accepted to resettle in the United States, there were a lot of feelings – complex feelings – happiness, fear
 it’s something to imagine. You know, it changes everything. You build your future with your partner, and in one time you lost everything. But now we are here in the United States, country of opportunity.

I don’t want to forget the International Institute’s help. They help me with finding jobs. They help me adjust myself and my situation. They helped my son enroll with a program at Boston University in biotech. He is now completing his studies at DePaul University in Chicago and doing pre-med to become a physician in the future.

We all try our best to adapt with a good start on a future path.”

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