Workforce Development

Workforce Development

Workforce Development

At IINE, we focus on on providing a pathway to economic self-sufficiency for refugees and immigrants. Programs such as Cultural Orientation and English Language Learning work to improve employment readiness for the newest Americans. We also provide a range of courses that prepare immigrants for more advanced economic opportunities, including intensive job preparation and coaching, as well as industry-specific training and career placement. Microenterprise programs are offered to immigrants and other lower-income entrepreneurs as they work towards a goal of owning their own business, completing higher education, or owning a home. IINE Workforce programs include:

• Cultural Orientation

• English Language Learning

• Employment programs and placement

• Industry-specific skills training

• Microenterprise and Asset Development

• Stitching Studio

Program Highlights

Hospitality Training Program

For more than twenty years, IIBs Hospitality Training Program has prepared new and incumbent workers who are non-native English speakers for careers in the hospitality industry. The program consists of a combination of classroom instruction,  vocational ESL, and computer training—followed by two weeks of on-site job training at a local Boston hotel. IIB partners directly with area hotels to design a curriculum that responds to the hospitality sector’s demands and our students’ needs. A similar sixteen week Service Industry Training Program prepares refugees and immigrants for job opportunities in hospitality, healthcare, and finance.

Small Business Development 

Funded by the Small Business Association, IINE’s Bridges to Business program helps entrepreneurs from Massachusetts and Rhode Island start, expand, and/or strengthen their businesses. We help lower-income clients with the knowledge and tools necessary to build their businesses. We work with each entrepreneur to provide business education and training, one-on-one coaching, and other support services, such as legal referrals and website development.  For more information, please contact

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